Saturday, June 4, 2022

Wei Sawdong

Wei Sawdong was not on the itinerary of the tourist taxi. But then, what WAS in it lasted barely 3 hours and now we were supposed to return to Assam. 

60% of the places mentioned on the plan were 'stop and see' locations which meant we could very well see them from our parked car without setting our foot out. 

Just for going to and from Cherrapunji to Guwahati we didn't hire and cough up Rs 8000. Whether you consider the kilometers run, the places seen or the time taken, by any parameter, we were, at a complete loss. Not worth the money spent nor the long hours spent slouched in the cab. 

It took us an hour to convince the driver to take us to Wei.  

The road wasn't bad at all. He had lied to us. 

The falls were concealed behind a dense forest and we had to trek through a muddy path. Some places had bamboo poles randomly thrown together  
while some others had vertical ladder like structures put in place

The roar of the water was getting louder as we descended down the steep mountain. That kept us going, exhausted and yet exhilarated at the same time.

And you are almost there. The stream gushing downwards is visible.
A slight turn to the left and woah! We get to see the most amazing three-layered waterfall in full gusto. What a visual treat!
How beautiful it is! It was difficult to get a clear shot of the falls with no people in it but looks like I managed. 
The water was pure white, and resembled a river of milk pouring down.

The entire experience was surreal. 

As we climbed back, we kept looking back over our shoulders, trying to capture the view one last time in our mind's eye, savoring it even as we bid adieu. 

It was an amazing trek. Not to be missed. In fact, the waterfalls is so beautiful that during the times when the flow of water is limited, it has a different charm and beauty. So whether the water is less or more, it will appeal to your eyes. 

And in case you are unable to do the trek down to the plunge, then there is a route you can take called the View Point from where you can view the falls without having to go through the muddy, tricky path. And this is the view of the falls you will get to see. You can see all three tiers. 
We spotted the Dainthlen Falls in the distance.

The vehicles go right up to it. It is a straight drop of about 80 meters. You will find a signboard on the road as you drive to Wei. It falls on the way so you can either do it before or after Wei.

As we drove back to Guwahati, we were all so content and hungry. Yes, the mountains always leave you hungry - either for more sights hidden in its belly or for steaming, hot food. 

Cherrapunjee and the East Khasi Hills were a tourist's delight. 


  1. Amazing waterfalls beautifully captured! Good thing you managed to convince the cabbie to take you there.

  2. The trek was worth it, I see. :)
    What a waterfall!! <3

  3. Meghalaya has wonderful tourist potential. This is a lovely place too.

  4. That three layered waterfall looks great. What an experience it must have been. When we went to Cheerapunji there was not even a trickle of water.

  5. Well worth the effort to get there.